Hybrid Bugatti Galibier

Buggati's President  (CEO) has revealed to CAR magazine something very interesting about the future Galibier, whose development is frozen in the autumn. Due to social issues and because they could be facing restrictions on urban centers, there will be a hybrid option for this model.

This hybrid option won't be available in all markets because in places like the Middle East contamination is still somewhat disturbing. However, initiatives such as the London Congestion Charge threaten the free movement of this type of cars, supercars and supergastones.
Solution: hybridization.

Definitely there's no need for 800 odd horses to go by city, or even escape from the police. Therefore, one or more electric motors associated with the W16 will cut Bugatti Galibier´s power consumption, something more acceptable within the exaggeration. They hope to sell 3,000 units of this car.

What about the price increase? Given the type of customers they have, I doubt that's a problem. On the other hand having the world's most powerful hybrid is certainly a convincing sales argument for the wealthy.

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