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The Best of the Best!
The Bugatti EB16.4 Veyron, known as the Veyron supercar is a car produced by Italia automaker Bugatti - French since 2005.  After many tests in magazines and TV programs, it has been considered by many specialists as the best car drivers in the world. And not only for its power and speed, but tis traction and luxurious  interior. Its performance and its high price (1,300,000 €) make this a very exclusive car. 

The Veyron shows a luxury interior, starting with a frameless window. The Veyron has only 4 moons: the front, sides and rear. The steering wheel is leather, flattened at the bottom. The entire center console and door side moldings are finished machined aluminum. In the console has an analog clock, screen CD player, air conditioning controls, and already in the area of the gear lever, the button (Start-Stop Engine) and the "Launch Control", which ensures maximum engine response during acceleration, the 4 turbochargers acting simultaneously. In the control panel, chaired by the tachometer and speedometer adjacent to it, a power meter, the indicator of the deposit and the thermometer. Highlighted, as detailed display, which at the end of the speedometer insert a one carat diamond weight. The entire dashboard is finished in hand stitched leather and the fabric roof. The seats are two-tone leather banquets, with the EB logo (the initials of Ettore Bugatti, founder of the company) to head height. Behind the seats is a small hollow slide. Fabric belts are traditional. The shifter is leather and aluminum and the transmission is sequential, 7 gears. On the sides of the door are the electric controls adjusting seat position, and below is taking away all boundaries lock electric lock motor to reach 407.8 km / h. At the top of the moon just takes a rearview mirror and interior light controls.

The engine is a W16 (16 cylinders in W) and 64 valves (4 valves per cylinder), with cylinder capacity 7993 ml (approx. 499 ml per cylinder) and 4 turbochargers, which yields a power of 1001 hp at 6000 rpm. The torque is 1250 Nm between 2200 and 5500 rpm. It measures 712 mm long and 767 wide. The angle is 90 degrees. To ensure optimum engine performance at all times, this is accompanied by a team of ten radiators. 

The vehicle's top speed is 407 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds. These figures have been found in high-speed tracks the drivers Nicolas Moretti and Juan Francisco Larreyna, by testing the car in line. The 4-wheel drive and rear main engine will provide more stability and a balanced distribution of power.

During 2010, the most powerful version of the Veyron, the Super Sport, which has a Veyron engine similar to the current one that is capable of developing 1200 hp, and worked hard on your weight loss using a lot of carbon fiber , set a Guinness world record speed of 431.072 km / h. Thus, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has the speed record for production cars.

The previous model, 16.4 Veyron only has some aerodynamic modifications to correct some deficiencies in the handling at high speeds as well as an increase in the wheelbase by 5 cm. The back was also arranged with 2 air vents.

The vehicle won the record fastest car in the world in 2007, but was displaced by the SSC Ultimate Aero, with a top speed of 412.217 km / h (256.14 mph), but in June 2010, its more powerful version, the Super Sport broke the record again with a top speed of 431.072 km / h, official Guinness record. Similarly, also bore the mark of the world's most expensive car, according to a list published by Forbes magazine, but was then overtaken by models like the Ferrari FXX and the Maybach Exelero. The Veyron 16.4 will cost approximately 1.3 million euros before tax.

However, it is considered by many media as the best car in the world. One reason is that the brand is dedicated to building Alsatian this model and other models produced no other vehicle manufacturers. The firm planned a limited production of 300 units, before starting to develop another model.

Bugatti Veyron
Engine W16 Engine 90 º
Displacement 7,993 cc (about 500 cc per cylinder)
Food Direct Injection, tetraturbo, intercooler.
Distribution 4 valves per cylinder, two camshafts in each cylinder, variable valve timing
Maximum power 1,001 hp at 6,000 rpm, however, there has been a maximum of 3,000 hp
Maximum torque 1250 Nm at 2200-5500 rpm
Automatic Transmission, seven more reverse gears with paddles behind the steering wheel placed
Integral traction control, stability
Acceleration 0-100 km / h 2.5 seconds
2.3 seconds the Veyron Super Sport
Top speed 407 km / h
431 km / h Veyron Super Sport (limited to 412)
Average consumption (l/100 km) Aut (24.1 l/100 km)
Aut CO2 emissions (574 g / km)